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Kim Addonizio

Susan Aizenberg, 2nd publication

And We The Creatures: An Anthology devoted to animals; Edited by C.J. Sage

Caron Andregg

Priscilla Atkins; Atkins (August 03)

David Baker

Aliki Barnstone

Dina Ben-Lev

Gadi Ben-Yehuda

Joelle Biele

Ralph Black

Robert Bly

Brad Bostian, "The Bells of Monte Sacro"  Review: Edward Weismiller, Review: Michael Parker, Review: Billy Collins
Review: Meteorology by Alpay Ulku   Review on H.L. Hix's Rational Numbers Review Naomi Shihab Nye 
Review Dorianne Laux Review Lucille Day's Infinities and Kathleen Raine's Collected Poems; Five Poems 3-05

Patricia Kennedy Bostian 3-05

Jeanne Marie Beaumont

Carrie Becker 2nd publication

Erin Belieu

Tom Bourne

Patricia Kennedy Bostian

David Bottoms Summer 2005

Patricia Brody

Joseph Brodsky

Gwendolyn Brooks

Janet Butler

Elena Karina Byrne

Anne Candelaria

Charles C. Canton

Nancy Carlson

Raymond Carver

Richard Cecil

Tom ChandlerTChandler

Fred Chappell

Michael Chitwood

David Citino, "The Conception"

Jeanne C. Clark

Kevin Clark, "The Assignment"  Poems from Clark's new book, In The Evening of No Warning

Patricia Clark  Clark (new poem 2002); Patricia Clark My Father's Bicycle 2005

Nicole Cooley

Jane Cooper

Lisa Coffman, Review on Lisa Coffman

Anne Coray's Bonestrings

J.L. Conrad, J.L. Conrad

Christopher Jane Corkery

Barbara Crooker

Chris Cunningham

Ruth Daigon 2nd pub: Daigon

Catherine Daly

Lucille Lang Day

Chard deNoird

Risa Denenberg

Paul Dickey

Richard Dinges

Wayne Dodd, "An Afternoon in Summer (1998)"

Sharon Dolin

John Donne translated in French by Jean Migrenne

Joseph Duemer, "Things I've Learned To Do Since I Was Forty "Abandoned Bluetick Bitch"

Joseph Duemer's Diary of Vietnam, Why Vietnam?

Peter Kane Dufault

Robert Dunn

Stephen Dunn

Nicholas Efstathiou

Jocelyn Emerson

Cathryn Essinger

Angie Estes; Angie Estes' Chez Nous

Kathy Fagan 2nd Publication Review on Moving & St Rage by H.L. Hix Kathy Fagan The Charm; Kathy Fagan Review The Charm

Patricia Fargnoli

Featured Anthologies:  This Art: Poems about Poetry.  Selected Poems (Copper Canyon Press)

Annie Finch

Jennifer Firestone

Karen Fish

Katherine Fishburn; Fishburn (8-03)

Robert Fisher

Ann Fisher-Wirth Featured Book (1-04)

Carrie Fisher Two Reviews

Jack Foley Gioia and the L.A. Times poem

Jean Follain

Kevin Frazier  Kevin Frazier 2nd publication

Suzanne Frischkorn

John Gallaher

Reginald Gibbons

Sandra M. Gilbert

Dana Gioia

Louise Glück

Patricia Goedicke

David Graham, "Rain"

James Graham

Patricia Gray; Featured Book Rupture 3-05

Eamon Grennan

Jennifer Gresham

Marilyn Hacker 2nd MHacker

Michael Hannon, "Song"   Michael Hannon "Featured Poet" 9-03

Jim Harrison

Robert Hass, "The Woods in New Jersey"

Nancy A. Henry

Jim Heynen

Adam Hill

Brenda Hillman, "The Unbeginning"  Hillman new poems (2002)

Joyce Hinnefeld

Jane Hirshfield, "The Envoy"   "Button"

H.L.Hix  Review on Kathy Fagan's Moving & St Rage

Marc Elihu Hofstadter

Kevin Hull, Hull 2nd poem  Kevin Hull Featured Book November 2003: Leaving Blue Mountains

Betsy Hulick

Snezana Ivkovic 2nd Publication

Mark Irwin  Review: White City by Brad Bostian

Rolf Jacobsen

Hylah Jacques, "Prince Rupert Ferry, August 5, 1979"

Mark Jarman

Halvard Johnson, Johnson 2

Risa Kaparo

Joy Katz

W.B. Keckler

Sharon Kraus

Peter Kent

Athena Kildegaard, Second Poem 3rd publication

Robert Kinsley, "Spring"

John Koethe

Miriam N. Kotzin

Abba Kovner

Laurie Kuntz

Stephen Kuusisto, Review

Laurie Kutchins

JoEllen Kwiatek

Melody Lacina

Ivan V. Lalic

Allyssa A. Lappen, 2nd publication

Dorianne Laux

Donna J. G. Lee

Michael Lieberman

Stuart Lishan, SLishan; SLishan (10-04)

Duane Locke

Sarah Maclay Featured Book, Whore, (March 2004)

Claire Malroux 2nd publication

Osip Mandelshtam

Laura Manuelidis 2nd publication

Jacqueline Marcus, Welcome to the Premier Issue, The Editor Speaks Out Against Media Reporters. Poem, "Hang Low Swing High", "The Night Russia Vanished", "In Search of the Beautiful" "Watching Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird" "Diary of a Software Operator", "Long Day's Journey Into The Night", Akhmatova and the Russian IntellengentsiaThe Politics of Sex & Beauty March 20, 1999, Reflections on Georges Luis Borges Introduction to Joseph Brodsky

Morton Marcus

Barbara Martin

Jon Mathewson

Gail Mazur

W.S. Merwin, 2nd publication

Jean Migrenne Hart Crane   Dylan Thomas More on Thomas (Translations from English to French) Robert Lowell

Janet McAdams

Judy Smith McDonough, "Harry Truman on the Morning after FDR Died"

Medbh McGuckian

Heather McHugh

Amy Small-McKinney

Dunya Mikhail

Roger Mitchell

Barbara Molloy-Olund, "In Favor of Lightning"

Eugenio Montale

Melissa Montimurro

Amanda Pitchard Moore

Jim Moore

Fred Moramarco, 2nd F. Moramarco 3rd F.Moramarco

Moore Moran

Stanley Moss

Steve Mueske 2nd publication  3rd publication 4th publication

Christopher Neenan

Christopher Nikoloff

Mary Oliver

Michael Ondaatje

Jacqueline Osherow

Martin Ott; Ott (8-03)

James Owens

Seamus Patrick

Allan Peterson, 2nd publication; APeterson (10-04)

Roger Pfingston

Deanna Pickard

Jon Pineda

Robert Pinsky, "Homecoming"   Two Poems

Stanley Plumly

Ken Pobo  Pobo Poets Among the Stones (essay) Review: Ordering: A Season in my Garden by Jacqueline Marcus Pobo New poems 8/15

Judith Pordon

Freda Quenneville

Bin Ramke

Ron Rash (review by Brad Bostian)

Jessy Randall, "The Crumminess of the Neighbors", Three Poems

Donald Revell, "Survey"

Yannis Ritsos

Mile Ristovic

Brett Robbins Kafka

Anthony Robinson

Christine Rogers

Eve Rosenbaum Second Publication

Geri Rosenzweig, The Music of What Happens, 2nd publication, Geri R., Geri R. Geri R. 2-04

Cissy Ross and Barry Spacks

Clare Rossini

Kay Ryan

James Sabines

David Salner

Sherod Santos 2nd publication

Catherine Sasanov

Jan Zlotnik Schmid

Barry Seiler

Ruth Setton

Martha Silano

Ed Skoog

Maggie Smith

John Sokol

Dian Sousa 3-05

Barry Spacks, "Chain Letter"  Spacks 4/8/02

Maura Stanton

Hannah Stein

Dianne Williams Stepp

Myrna Stone Myrna Stone(2)

Ruth Stone

David Sutherland

r l swihart

Henry Taylor

Yoav J. Tenembaum

Susan Terris 2nd S.Terris

Amber Flora Thomas

Alpay Ulku

Jean Valentine

Ryan G. Van Cleave

Charles Harper Webb

Edward Weismiller

Kelley White White 5-04

Robert Wilkie

Anne Williams: Essay: Listening to the Children...

Terri Witek 2nd publication

Charles Wright, "Returned to the Yaak Cabin, I Overhear an Old Greek Song," "In the Valley of the Magra", "Summer Mornings"
                         Featured Book: Buffalo Yoga fall 2004

Michael Yarbrough

David Young: Introduction to Montale's Selected Poems (Reviews)

Susan Yuzna Review on Pale Birds, Spouting Fire by Jacqueline Marcus Yuzna: 2nd publication

Andrena Zawinski