Sari Covered Nights by Nancy Naomi Carlson











Nancy Naomi Carlson's

Kings Highway



I'm a brass-bellied Buddha's dream,
an evening of gauze, stars blue
and windswept, the quicksilver moon
tangled in the limbs of a lone banyan tree.
Oh rub me to a blinding sheen!

I am the sitar's ragged throat, pitched
between here and when,
caught in quartertones, worlds bewitched.
Why these four arms so long unkissed?
Am I not your goddess?

My five mouths roll their uvulas,
guttural as high winds crossing desert dunes.
Is there not a stopping place for us,
adrift, two souls who speak in tongues?


poetry has appeared in Poetry, Prairie Schooner, and Southern Poetry Review.   Nancy N. Carlson's collection of poems, Kings Highway, was published by the Washington Writers' Publishing House in 1997. She leads a free community writers group at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and last week gave a reading at the Library of Congress.